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Car crash, honestly it wasn’t a good day to start my day. A lot of memories came back to me. The people that have asked me about it I just say I’m “fine” or “okay” I’m really not though.

Getting drunk tonight & having drunk sex!

Turn up! This is just the beginning of my 2k14 😍👏

I’ll always just be “some guy” to every fucking girl

When people say girls get hurt a lot, well don’t forget about us guys, cause I’ve been hurt so many times.

Jk I don’t have a cat

My kitty died.

I’ll just delete that one now & if you don’t catch that one then to fucking bad

Can we go back to the way it was?

There’s no reason why I should be crying rn.
Life is stupid.
Love is stupid.

If people push me away that’s their fucking fault, not mine. I was trying to help but your little bitch ass pushed me away, now try finding someone who cares 10x more than I do!

I think everyday that passes I miss my best friend more & more each day.

I’ll probably be going to the UK & Germany in July! 😍👏